2000 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code: Industrial

Stair Type/Applications:
  • Industrial Equipment Access
  • Industrial Egress Stair

Occupancy Types:
  • Industrial
Our stair meets the requirements of an industrial stair under Table

"Industrial equipment access walkways, platforms, ramps, and stairs that serve as a component of the means of egress from the involved equipment shall be permitted in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 7 as modified by Table Any such means of egress component shall serve not more than 20 people."
    Materials and Finishes: Treads:
    • Bar Grating
    • Diamond Treadplate
    • Grip Treads
    • Concrete Pan

    • Our BOCA Stair Rail design meets the requirements of the industrial NFPA stair.
    • Baluster spacing designed to comply with BOCA requirements and is adjustable within those guidelines

    • Application limitations as listed above from the Life Safety Code in Chapter 40.
    Lapeyre's NEW Conventional Stair with BOCA Compliant Stair Rails, designed to meet NFPA requirements.