The Lapeyre Stair is safer than vertical ladders and ship's ladders.
The Lapeyre aluminum alternating tread stair combines the safety features of our unique, alternating tread design with the advantages aluminum has to offer. Aluminum is ideal for exterior applications and for applications where weight is a consideration. The cast aluminum treads are welded to the central stringer and to the handrails, creating an all-in-one welded unit.

    • Natural Finish
    • 68 Degree
    • Custom height built to exact vertical height
    • 24" to 216"
    • Standard Handrail (42" above landing)
    • Optional Handrail (3-3/4" above landing) for Roof Hatches
Dimensional Prints:
Tank/Silo Access:
Aluminum Lapeyre Stair Tank/Silo Access

An Aluminum Crossover System and
Crossover Pipes and Roof Access
a Roof to Roof Application