With proper installation, your Lapeyre stair will give you many years of maintenance-free service.
Handrail Clearance
When placing the stair, a minimum of 6" should be provided between the handrails and any other object (a minimum of 12" between handrails on two adjacent stairs).

1) Install the stair with the top tread at the same elevation as the upper finished floor or roof surface.

2) Prepare the mounting holes for the stair, using the bolt pattern shown, at right, as a guide.

3) Put in position and securely bolt both the landing (top) and footing (bottom) of the stair. Bolts are not provided. Use bolts or studs (minimum 1/2" diameter).

4) If the stair is 15' or taller, you should install bracing to prevent vibration.

Descending face forward
One full welded unit
Bolting in the top mounting plate
Bolting in the bottom mounting plate