Lapeyre Stair offers a line of crossovers and platforms to complement the stairs.
Lapeyre crossover systems feature two custom height, alternating tread stairs with a standard crossover platform. Handrails on both sides of the platform are secured with bolt clamps. Lapeyre crossover systems capture all of the safety features of the alternating tread stair design. This unique design provides a safer access up and over conveyors, pipelines, container walls-anywhere you need a safe and easy access.

    • For use with 56 and 68 degree stairs
    • Crossover platforms:
      • Standard sizes are 24" x 24" to 24" x 120" in increments of 6"
      • Custom sizes available upon request
Landings and Platforms:
    • 24" x 38" Intermediate Landing
    • 30" x 38" 90 Right/Left Turn Intermediate
    • 30" x 60" 180 Right/Left Turn Switchback Intermediate
    • 30" x 30" Right/Left Turn Exit Landing
    • 38" x 38" Right/Left Turn Exit Landing
    • Custom sizes available upon request
Materials & Finishes:
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel with Natural Finish
    • Aluminum with Natural Finish

* Customer Supplied Bracing required on all platforms.
** Lapeyre Stair now offers Crossover Sway Bracing.

An outdoor crossover system
Galvanizes Steel Exterior Crossover System

Intermediate and Exit landings
combined with stairs for taller applications
Roof Access with Intermediate Platforms & Conveyor Crossover system
and a conveyor crossover system